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I had to go to the ATM that was clear accross the mall to get money out because my bank card had a different last name than my ID (I got married and it had my old last name -- same first) and the manager who was the attendant at the cash register would not take it. The card was signed and the purchase amount was only $28.

They don't take debit (I offered to do a debit and enter my pin) or checks. This is the card I use every single day at the market, gas, on line... for everything that I do. It was over the top!

I've never been through such an awful experience and so much hassle. My library card had my old last name but she wouldn't take it because the name wasn't typed! The ironic thing is that I used this same bank card at the same store Sat w/out a problem! WOW!

$28 For God's sake! The Disney store now treats their average customers like criminals! OMG! This is not good service.

I want smooth, easy non-eventful good experiences as a consumer! Don't treat me like a criminal. I called customer service and I was offered 20 percent coupon and later $15 to shop on line.

IF I shop here again, it will only be on line. I will never go through this again!

Monetary Loss: $28.

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Deland, Florida, United States #759853

If you shop online with that same credit card you are taking a chance with every purchase that it will be declined/cancelled. Many companies have a system in place that checks the billing info on the card and if anything (i.e. last name) does not match it will not go through.


Why don't you simply get a card with your correct name on it?


You miss the point Skutr. I was going to post the same thing as the previous comment.

Visa and Mastercard merchant rules PROHIBIT the showing of ID to be a condition of sale. So the manager is actually violating the rules set by Visa/MC.


I believe that Ashton Kutcher is about to jump out of my bathroom and tell me I am being punk'd. Is this serious?

Are you saying that anyone with your first name should be able to use your card because you just haven't received a new card? Kudos to the manager.

It's for your protection. You should be mad at the person who accepted it on Saturday.

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