Disney store at sunset place female manger was nasty bad attitude terrible manager for a happy kids store.. She is a short white hispanic female and was very rude when I asked her name she went to hide and left the other employee which was very nice by herself I the front.

What happened to the customer is always right? It was a simple exchange. I bought something and my kid ended up wanting something else.

So what they are kids... They change their minds she was rude and nasty about it for no reason I ended up returi g everything and Disney Company ended up missi g out on a $50.00 sale and lost three custmers/ consumers in me my wife and my son...

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La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #151166

She was short white and hispanic? Okay....

I am sure that this white hispanic woman had good reason to be nasty. There is something that you are leaving out, like the fact that you were being an @sshole perhaps?


So, what was the issue? You said you returned all the stuff, so why couldn't you just return what your kid didn't want and go get what they did?

I'm confused as to your complaint, sounds pretty simple what you should have done. The manager was probably just upset because you were being a retard...

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