I am sadden by the lack of Black American representation at the Disney Store. My daughters love all of the Disney Princesses but as Black Americans they have a right to want to play with someone who looks like them.

I wan them to be able to grow up and know that we can be special too no matter what color skin, hair or eyes we have. When my daughters are playing pretend I want them to be able to see there skin to e as well. I have been going to the Disney store every Sunday for the past 2 months and still no Princess Tiana ANYTHING! They have her white friend And the prince but NO Tiana.

When it comes to Doc McStuffins they only have a small end cap (at most) tey have tons and tons of every single other Princesses. I am outraged and it makes me ashamed the watch this store not celebrating its customers uniqueness

I am hoping for some change in the future

Shaunna Boatman

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From a child's point of view..do they see lots of white people and no black ones or do they see princesses with fabulous gowns?

Stop playing the racist card. The princess and the frog was a flop. The products didn't sell. Why would a company stock a toy that doesn't sell just because she's black?

Surely that's more patronising to African American people than anything?

Jonesborough, Tennessee, United States #626173

Those stores-- especially outlets-- typically have the most recent releases or the top grossing items available. Right now you'll find an excess of Cinderella because she just re-released, Jasmine because she's releasing soon, Ariel because she's releasing soon and it's almost summer, Rapunzel because every single demographic keeps her selling out... However, right now Tianna's doll is in re-design and sells out as quick as Disney distributes their current supply of her doll evenly among stores. And, yes, her DISNEY-created, WalMart, Animator Series, and park lines of Tianna are still available year-round despite this fact.

Disney also released that Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First were not expected by focus groups to be as successful as they have been-- so their current inventory is low right now. If you don't believe me, wait til mid-summer when the new toy lines are in & you'll see they'll have plenty.

Plenty of people are upset about "the black princess's" absence in stores right now... From another perspective: She's the only American-based princess, other than Pocahontas (who is glorified even though she wasn't a traditional princess AND didn't even stay with her "prince.") To empower your kid, maybe call the princess by her name, "Tianna"-- a princess with dreams and ambitions-- instead of insisting she's a good princess for your child simply because of her skin color. Say that it's ok for now that your child can play with "her white friend" (Charlotte) because your daughter, is in fact the beautiful princess Tianna, who has a diverse group of people who she helps empower- as a good friend herself. Or maybe, til Tianna's movie comes back out of the vault and she's all over the store again-- suggest a different princess to play with or dress like because your child has such a wonderful imagination or because she looks like a beautiful princess no matter what she wears- and deserves to dress for the ball in her favorite color--- not just the one that "the other black princess" wears in her movie. Suggest to her the world is changing enough that she can find the virtue in each of the different characters that she also doesn't grow to define people by their skin tones.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #621049

I just checked and the WalMart web site has your princess doll.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #621033

Some of your spelling and grammar makes it sound like you aren't real educated. Buy your colored princess in another store.

I/m sure you can find it some place else.

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