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This is not the first time this has happened. Every Christmas it seems open-stock items like accessory sets as I purchased (the Elsa costume accessory set for $24.95) sell out well before Christmas and are not restocked.

That leaves you to hunt for one with a scalper on auction sites. I ordered a set to go with my daughter's Elsa costume for Christmas. It was IN STOCK and I was allowed to order it and pay for it. After a week I emailed the Disney Store, and was told by "Kerri" in an email that at the time I ordered it, it was out of stock!

WHAT?! Then why the heck would you allow the order to process, and then not notify me to boot! This set is a mass produced one, made in China as they all are, that they create massive demand for by under-stocking. Thanks Disney Store!

My daughter's Christmas surprise is ruined. Again. I should have learned last year! They are just like Best Buy on a Black Friday.

Selling what they don't have, except at least Best Buy didn't waste your time and they told their customers eventually that they weren't getting what they had ordered. For all the money I spend there I'm ashamed of this company.

For my "inconvenience" I am supposedly being issued a $15.00 online gift card." No such gift card or code was emailed to me, so lets add that to the fraudulent actions and false statements I've heard. Poor ethics and poor business practices.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Now if you excuse me, my daughter needs to be taught how to clean and cook and act like a servant. Ta-da.

Naples, Florida, United States #1242410

I am more concerned over this poster's inability to understand supply and demand and how a business can sell out and not be able to restock than I am for their ignorant choice of words.


I am the original poster. I apologize if I offended anyone.

Naturally I was angry (and certainly a "pissed consumer") when I posted my comments. Certainly Christmas isn't ruined. I will attempt to temper my words in the future, as reading some of these replies have upset me, particularly on this site. One wonders who hangs out here in order to berate others if they aren't here to vent (or perhaps it might be employees if the company?)...I honestly don't know.

I am grateful to those understanding posters who have offered their kind words. It really helps.

In the end I was able to find the set at a brick-and-mortar retail store...the last one after my husband and I calling 14 stores up and down the state.

I'm still unhappy with Disney Store as a retailer, and rightfully so.


Oh goodness people! Folks say things in the heat of the moment!

Of course Christmas is not ruined. But last I checked this is called "" not "totally calm rational objecting". If individuals cannot vent without being attacked on this site, there is nowhere they can. Stop being bullies.

For my part, I have two daughters and a son. I'll post my complaint seperately but this has been my experience thus far with I have a local Disney Store but hate to brave the malls during this season. Two costumes and a Planes set I ordered went out of stock after I ordered them and also was never notified by Disney Store.

I only received part of my order. By the time I got to my local store, the girls' size was sold out. Had they cared enough to notify me sooner, I might have had a shot at getting the costumes. Yes, it does impact an aspect of the holiday when they've told Santa this is what they want and mom and dad may not be able to find it.

We'll ale do, but the retailer deserves a piece of my mind.

Deland, Florida, United States #759848

People still over-use "Christmas is ruined". If you or your child's Christmas is ruined because they didn't get a certain gift, you're doing it wrong.

Palo Alto, California, United States #759172

Get off this website if you have nothing helpful to contribute, and are only interested in attacking others. If you haven't noticed, this is a site for consumers to vent (during a time when emotion is running high).

I've had the same happen to me and my wife when we've ordered from Disney and should expect a retailer to fulfill their orders, particularly a children's retailer. I highly doubt you, sir, are so pious that you and your family will not give and receive gifts on Christmas. By the way, you just used the Lord's name in vane. You are both blasphemous and a hypocrite.

Allow others to vent without butting in. Live and let live.

to Scott Palo Alto, California, United States #759175

The below response is directed at "MikeBrady" and not the original poster.

to Scott #759851

BTW Scott, The word "Savior" is NOT the name of the Christian god or prophet.

to Scott #759180

Yes, we will exchange gifts but Christmas won't be ruined if we don't. Pleas allow others to voice their opinions without butting in.

There is a comments section for a reason.

So that we may make fun of the people to whom material things mean so much. You merit extra derision.

to Scott #1319681


Chantilly, Virginia, United States #759119

Oh my god!! Christmas is "Ruined".

Now we can't celebrate the birth of our savior! We can't be kind to one another for at least a week. We can't sing and be joyful! No Christmas dinner.

No being with loved ones. No being thankful for all we have while so many suffer. No Disney c r a p, no Christmas.

I guess we'll go straigt to new year festivities. Or was that ruined by not enough ketchup on your burger?

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