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The Disneystore online has ruined Disney for me.

I put in an order about 3 weeks ago for a bunch of items that all together were about $300. In those items I was supposed to receive two sets of blue ceramic dinner plates.

When the order finally comes I don’t have two sets. Instead I have two individually wrapped single plates. This was mistake number 1.

I reach out by email giving copies of the receipts, a page from my online account saying they got my full amount of money etc, and Disney apologizes and tell me they will mail the two sets to me.

The very next day I get a shipping confirmation that only 1 set of plates is being mailed to me. I thought wow, they screwed up a second time. So I let them know that hey you mailed off a set of place but I was owed two sets not just one.

Once again it’s the “we are so sorry, we will fix it, have a magical day”. Well 5 days pass and I never get a shipping confirmation for the second set of plates which is the third time they screwed up at this point.

At this point I am fuming as these plates were meant to be a gift as part of set and now its way passed when they should have originally arrived. Technically based on federal law they have to alert me when there is a delay in shipping but that never happened.

After mailing off a fiery email. I literally wait hours in the middle of a week day for a response. I receive two emails back to back. One email is that the second set of plates has finally mailed. The next email tell me that I should call their 1-800 number at my earliest convenience. I thought wow, they want to personally apologize and try to make it right. Finally I will see that Disney difference they always talk about.

Well I was wrong. After waiting on hold to talk to somebody, I am told that they had no idea as to why I got the number to call and that everything should now be fine with the order. I was left momentarily speechless. Did these idiots now have me call a number and waste even more time after 3 emails for no reason whatsoever? Yes yes indeed. Mistake number 4 just happened.

After 4 mistakes and really wasting my time, I am sent an email telling me that I need to print a shipping label, that I need to repack the two individual plates that I first received for shipping, that I need to put them in a sealed box, and that I need to send them to a UPS pick up location. WHEN IT WAS DISNEY WHO KEPT SCREWING UP!

I have never heard Disney say we are sorry so many times. It means nothing because they did nothing to make it right. Instead I had to keep wasting time with them and fight to get what I paid for. Now I have to print on my paper their return label, use my packing supplies to send the plates back, use my gas to get them to the UPS store and my time which is most precious to me. Because they keep making mistakes. The stupidity of having me mail plates back that now have cost more in shipping than they cost to make is beyond me. That to me is mistake number 5.

Let me PLEASE, stop you from doing business with the Disney store. They don’t care about order accuracy, making the customer happy, and expense to customers for their screw ups, or responding to emails with more than magical we are sorry one liners.

I am at this point debating if I should report them to the California state attorney general for how this all went down so they can have their business investigated because I am guessing a lot of people get scammed out of merchandise that they pay for.

Just look at the reviews on line of only 1 to 2 stars. Nobody is happy with them. This sort of Mickey Mouse crap has been happening for year and they don’t care. I have spent thousands on DISNEY products from the Disney store over the years but I won’t spend another dime. I am going to post this message to everybody on all the rating sites, to the BBB, on my Facebook for 2000 friends to see, everywhere. The only time Disney cares is when their pocket book is hit. Had this of been Amazon it never would have gotten to this point.

If you like me have been wronged by Disney please visit the following link and launch a formal complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Disney Store Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: I want my money refunded and to keep the plates as payment for the amount of time I have had to waste on this.

Disney Store Cons: Having to fix disneys mistake with my time and money.

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Who keeps chiming in on the anonymous response. Obviously your a L7 weenie if you can’t say who you are and obviously you work for Disney if your defending this site.

This site blows balls and should be taken off the internet. Can’t believe Disney would misrepresent themselves with this garage website. Especially when Disney makes billions to trillions of dollars. Charged me double the price of my item then told me it’s standard and I’ll get my money back once it’s shipped?

No where on the website did it say that. Unbelievable that Disney would charge someone twice and wait to release their funds back to them after the item shipped even though the card went through. Shows just how cheap they really are.

Will never ever buy anything from this POS website again and will tell everyone I know not to buy from Disney. Sucks because I love Disney.


You say they did nothing to make it right, yet they sent you the two sets you paid for and apologized. Yes it was a lot of mistakes, but humans make mistakes.

What did you want from them, a bunch of freebies because you had to be minorly inconvenienced but ultimately got what you paid for? And having to package things up and return them is a NORMAL part of business when you get the wrong item.You should probably just avoid ordering online from now on.


I was not minorly inconvenienced. I missed the birthday that these were supposed to be for.

I had to fight over and over again to actually get my items. There is nothing normal about having a customer pay for company mistakes. When Amazon screws up they give you the shipping label free and offer many options for getting the product back including having the post office pick it up. You act like they missed the delivery by a day.

Try they missed it by weeks and made me fight to get it after they already charged me.

What freebee will they give me that can make up for this exasperating experience that wasted way too much of my time. I get paid over $30 an hour, and they wasted how many hours of my time?


We order from Disney store online at least once a month and have never had an issue that wasn't immediately dealt with. It sounds like you had a bad experience, which sucks, but 99% of people who do online reviews are negative.

The positive reviews almost never get posted. I'm going back at least 10 years with not one single incident that wasn't dealt with.Just wanted to put that out there because so few positive reviews ever get posted.