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After paying for my purchase, I was informed that the store was now “Green” and would not provide a plastic bag; My response was simple ~ give me a paper bag. The salesperson informed me that they no longer provided any bags and I had two choices- put my purchase in my purse or PURCHASE a Disney Bag!

I was mortified any felt like a thief as I continued my shopping with my purchase sticking out of my purse. I can only Thank God that my Grandson only wanted a pair of pajamas so that I didn’t have to disappoint him. Had the purchase been larger, I would have had a very sad child because I would have immediately returned it all.

Needless to say, I will NEVER RETURN to the store or any Disney store. I like a brick and mortar store -I do not enjoy online shopping - but this type of NON-Service is why malls are going out of business.

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Wow....you sure are a special kind of jerk aren't you? So Disney takes steps to help out the environment by deciding not to provide wasteful plastic and paper bags and you are seriously whining about the 99 cents to purchase a cloth bag or having to *gasp* put your purchase in your purse? Head on back to the dark ages where you belong.


Hi there. I live in California and the state passed a law that no stores can give plastic bags and that includes the Disney Stores.

Now you have to bring your own bags to go shopping, buy a plastic bag for 10 cents each or take your items in your purse or your hands.

The Disney Stores sells cloth reusable Disney bags for 99 cents. I think selling bags instead of giving plastic bags for free is becoming more frequent in more stores.